'Astra' Review - Per Aspera ad Astra

How difficult do you like your games? Do you like them punishingly difficult, to where you will have to play a level dozens of times in order to beat it? Congratulations, Astra [$2.99], a level-based orbital platformer, is for you. It's fun to play and features some of my favorte mechanics in orbital platformers. Here, you run around a planet and jump to other planets to make it through the level » Read More

Angry Birds Friends Halloween Tournament Part 3 On Now

Halloween is fast approaching, and it seems as if spooky creatures are lurking around every corner on Piggy Island – beware when the clouds part to reveal the full moon! The Rise of the Werepigs! Halloween Tournament Part 3 is … Continue reading → » Read More

Sniper X with Jason Statham Review: On Target

What an odd paring of games for me to review this week. First it was Love Rocks Starring Shakira, and now Sniper X with Jason Statham. I’m really hoping next week brings Recipe Dash with Martha Stewart and Bingo Bounce with Bob Barker. Seriously though, celebrity tie-ins aside, both Love Rocks and Sniper X would be games […]The post Sniper X with Jason Statham Review: On Target appear » Read More

How many times do we cry

Shh, shhh you hear that? That is the sound of heartfelt sighing, tinged with longing, that one makes when they behold something achingly beautiful. Lumino City is a puzzle adventure game made by the folks at State of Play games. It's been out on PC since December last year, but on October 29th it's finally making the leap to iOS with an Android launch slated for the next few months.We've been ha » Read More

'Shooty Skies' Review - A Frantic Shoot 'Em Up with a 'Crossy Road' Coat of Paint

Shooty Skies [Free] is a chaotic, endless arcade shooter by some of the same people who created Crossy Road [Free]. This follow-up to the viral hit uses the same quirky and cute style, featuring a variety of blocky animals and anthropomorphized electronics, but amps up the action one hundred fold. This arcade flyer puts the player behind the wheel of an aircraft loaded with pixel-shooting guns an » Read More

Angry Birds Seasons Invasion Of The Egg Snatchers Update Out Now!

Angry Birds Seasons celebrates its 5th birthday with it's biggest update yet! Invasion Of The Egg Snatchers is now available for available for iOS and Android. » Read More

Naked Monsters are Naked in ‘Monster Streaking’

While Beavl Games might not be a developer on the tip of everyone’s tongue, after Faif and Kapsula, we’ve learned to keep our eyes open for whatever comes next. And boy oh boy, did we get an eyeful this time. They’ve just announced Monster Streaking, a game about Halloween creatures running around with nothing on but a […]The post Naked Monsters are Naked in ‘Monster » Read More

Guitar Hero Live turns your iPhone into a next-gen console

Guitar Hero Live is about to hit mobile devices. And, for once, we're genuinely excited to have a mobile app released alongside a AAA console franchise.You see, Guitar Hero Live on iOS not your average companion app. In fact, it's not a companion app at all. It's the full game. With the full price tag. And it works with the plastic guitar.What? Seriously? How much?!For all these answers just hit » Read More