How to Customize Windows 10 Lock Screen

If you have been using Windows 7 or any older operating system, Windows 10 will definitely bring lot more new features for you. Lock screen of Windows 10 has interesting options which can be used to make it more useful. Lock screens are no more static screens with only user’s avatar and boring mono color [...]The post How to Customize Windows 10 Lock Screen appeared first on TrickyWays. » Read More

June 18, 2015 Birdie Golf 1.0Download from iTunesScreenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3App Icon Located in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Nuclear Nova Software is a privately funded company founded in 2002 by Jake Leveto. Nucl » Read More

Pushbullet – New App

ProductivityStatus: Rating: Posted: 1 year agoPushbullet lets you send push notifications to yourself and to your friends! Why send push notifications with Pushbullet? Because it’s the easiest and fastest way to send almost anything to your phone or to your friends. What can you push with Pushbullet? Send links, pictures, files, notes, and more right into your phone’s notification tr » Read More

iPhone 6S Hits Korea To Lines … Long Lines

Launch day buzz surrounding the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus may be well and truly over for those in Apple’s major markets, but it’s only just beginning for those in Korea.The company’s latest two smartphones complete with 3D Touch and lightning-fast Touch ID sensor (among other improvements) officially hit shelves throughout the region – earlier today, and were greeted by » Read More

The Best Apple Watch Apps – 20 Must Haves

I was among the lucky ones to get my Apple Watch Sport 42mm delivered on day one, April 24, 2015. During the setup process you are given the option of installing all of your existing 3rd party iPhone Apps that have Apple Watch apps embedded in them. For example, if you have 30 iPhone apps and 10 of them have Apple Watch apps in them then those 10 apps would get installed on your Apple Watch by de » Read More

How to get the iPhone 6s Selfie Flash on any iPhone

Getting the perfect selfie is very important to some people. And your selfie opportunities shouldn’t be constrained by poor lighting. So that’s where the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus bring in the front-facing flash. Basically, the phone’s screen acts as a the flash for the front-facing camera. This “flash” adds just enough extra lighting to really improve the quality » Read More

Instagram is no longer just for squares

 I’ve been a long time user of Instagram. I love it because I can post pics there and not only share them with in Instagram followers, but also simultaneously post them to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, email and even Flickr. I like Instagram a lot. It’s probably the only social media platform that I check my entire feed of people that I follow on a daily basis. However, » Read More

How to get prorated refund for unused AppleCare or AppleCare+ plan

Whenever I hear the word, ‘Warranty’ my automatic reaction is to say, “No thanks.” Warranties usually seem to be a smart way for companies to leech your money, feeding off the fear that you may, sometime down the road, damage your device and need some assistance at a lower fee. Continue reading → » Read More