271 LEGO

A new game experience from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, and the LEGO Group brings the popular toy series called LEGO Friends to iOS and it passes the most important test I could throw at it; my 7 year old daughter won’t stop playing it today.

There is a world to explore and mini games to enjoy, but more than anything it brings to life characters and toys that are already well loved by kids. Here are thoughts about the game provided by my daughter:

It is easy to figure out what is going on and fun right from the start.
The games are fun, exciting, and not too difficult.
The app is fun for her brother too, and I had to let him have a turn.
It’s so exciting to dress the characters and decorate their rooms!

I like this type of game because it has a good mix of fun and education, but doesn’t have a hidden financial agenda. My daughter gets to help take care of a virtual pet, but isn’t asked to buy in-game items. I was happy to pay the $4.99 for this app and was very happy that no additional purchases were required.

271 LEGO 2

If you’d like a safe game for your daughter or son, where they can explore Heartlake City and engage in fun games and activities, then LEGO Friends is certainly for you. It works on all but the original iPad and has hours of gameplay. It is a perfect distraction for the coming weekend for my daughter, although her 9 year old twin brothers do not seem impressed so don’t count on it covering the whole crew.