123 Kids Fun AUTUMN DESIGNER (Free App) 123 Kids Fun AUTUMN DESIGNER (Free App)
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123 Kids Fun Apps is proud to announce today the release of 123 Kids Fun Autumn Designer for iOS and Android platforms; a welcomed addition to their extremely large library of learning games for children ages 3 to 8. Autumn Designer is a one of a kind, well designed and incredibly versatile autumn themed image creating program containing an enormous amount of content and features. All of this wrapped up in a fun and easy to use interface which is sure to give hours and hours of fun, replay and educational value to kids, educators and parents alike.

Autumn Designer has been designed to be not only eye catching, but intuitive. Within a couple of minutes, the menus, navigation and movement of objects within the app can be easily learned. The app has three major sections: Scrapbook mode, Corkboard mode and Puzzle mode.

The Puzzle mode:
A unique twist on conventional puzzles, autumn designer's Puzzle mode provides ten semi-transparent pre-made creatures, characters and objects with all their elements scattered about on the screen.

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