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The iPad and iPhone have changed a lot of things. Games and activities that used to be common in the real world have been ported to the digital realm and MADFINGER Games is taking it to another level with virtual model making. MONZO is a yet to be released app which virtualizes the model kit construction process.

The concept is that you can put together models of various items, just as you would if you buy a boxed kit at the store. It comes all in pieces and has an included instruction set.

“MONZO has great potential to capture the interest of mobile gaming fans from all present genres and it will also be fun for gamers of all ages as well.” explains Marek Rabas, CEO of MADFINGER Games. “The construction of virtual models is very close to the experience of actual construction. The whole process takes gamers through the purchase and unpacking of kits to assembly, painting, exploring and sharing of finished models on Facebook and other social media” adds Rabas.

I am honestly a bit skeptical that model builders will give up the experience of building physical models but there are a lot of possibilities with a combination product. Imagine if they partner with a company that sells models and you get both versions bundled together. Particularly difficult models would benefit from a virtual version that is 3D and the angles easily adjustable.

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MONZO is being labeled as a game and I am excited to see the final version when it is released to explore the level of detail. The release date has not yet been published but is listed as being available soon. MADFINGER has a track record of apps and the expectation for this app is quite high.