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Rating: 4.5
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After months of development and listening to beta testers, Gladsome Studios earlier this week officially released its calendar app 'Overview Calendar' out of beta. And today the app is fully optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The design is built around a birds-eye view of your life, creating a before unseen overview of your life.

"We think the number one job of any calendar is to provide great overview. To not get you lost in all the details. And by taking a step back and showing your life from above, we are able to do just that. To give you a brand new perspective on your life."

Development has focused on mainly three areas, namely offering the best available overview, a rich feature-set like you would expect from a calendar and beauty - a calendar doesn't have to be boring and square.

Selected features:
* Unparalleled overview of your life
* Super-smooth timeline instead of a grid-based calendar
* Keeps in sync with other calendars
* Countdown to your big days
* Color-code everything
* Share things on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Customer feedback:

"...this app visually represents how my brain has "viewed" a calendar my whole life...as a linear 3D timeline...I cannot believe this app has been created!

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